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Roger K. Olsson

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Giuelith is a investment company focused on innovative thinking, modern companies active in growth-oriented industries, often endorsed to unilateral and bilateral contracts. Companies challenging traditional, established market structures through innovation, reliability and modern solutions. The companies we invest in are typically in an early growth phase and are active in growth and global markets. We generally strive for minority stakes and board representation through our investments. Our vision and fund project constitute a framework and a privileged forum to identify common interests, priorities, policy dialogue, and the necessary incentives to collaboration.  

Global Partnership for Effective Development Co-operation

Continuously improve integration of stakeholder engagement principles, sustainable development commitments and our human rights position into business. Website: http://giuelith.com

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Here we are creating a forum for our network of stock brokers, investment banks, advisors, investors, stock traders, business executives, and all who are interested in developing profitable stock portfolios together.

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Thank you for joining us and sharing your knowledge about stocks and stock trading.

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